Sustainable Practices

We constantly examine our stores, warehouses, and offices for ways to improve our processes. From our energy-saving efforts and water conservation initiatives to our recycling and landfill diversion programs, sustainable practices are an established part of our business.

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Water stewardship.

We are committed to helping protect, conserve, and restore major water resources in our footprint, including the Everglades. Our work with the National Audubon Society and National Park Foundation has helped restore millions of gallons of water per year.
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Food waste diversion.

Waste intolerance is one of our core beliefs. Learn how our efforts—like turning whey from our dairy plant into animal feed for livestock—helps divert food waste from landfills.
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Fuel conservation.

Saving fuel is a priority for our distribution model. We’ve saved millions of gallons of fuel by adjusting how our trailers are loaded, rethinking our delivery routes, recycling engine oil, and improving our tractor design.
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Efficient technologies.

We conduct regular energy audits to ensure our stores operate at maximum efficiency. See how much energy and how many kilowatt-hours were saved just by installing LED and motion lights on refrigerated doors in our stores.
Learn what happens to your plastic bags when your recycle them at Publix

What happens to my plastic bags?

The recycling bins in front of our stores aren’t the end for plastic bags—they’re just the beginning. Follow the recycling journey of plastic bags from our recycling bins to the recycler’s manufacturing facility where they’re processed into pellets that can be made into fencing, benches, and more.

Learn how Publix is commited to conserving and restoring water

Water conservation.

We are committed to conserving water throughout our operations. Through innovative projects, improved cleaning techniques, and proactive leak detection, we save millions of gallons of water each year.

Greenhouse gas reduction.

We conduct yearly greenhouse gas inventory by collecting information on our total building space, energy usage, amount and type of refrigerants used, gallons of fuel, and more. Since conducting our baseline greenhouse gas inventory in 2007, we’ve added more than 19 million square feet to our overall operation. Concurrently, our carbon emissions per square foot have decreased by 32.9%.

Trees planted.Over 1 millionSince 2016, our donations have helped the Arbor Day Foundation plant over 1,000,000 trees to protect freshwater supplies and absorb carbon dioxide.

Green isn’t just our brand color. We are committed to conserving resources including reducing the use of cardboard, paper, and plastic in our products, processes, and packaging.


We make it easy for our customers to recycle by providing storefront recycling bins that accept many types of plastic, paper, and foam products. Along with our own award-winning program, together we can help keep more items out of landfills and the environment.

We believe in making responsible choices that positively affect our planet and communities. Download and view the full report below.

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