Efficient technologies.

We continue to look for and invest in improved sustainable technologies and conduct energy audits regularly to ensure our stores operate at maximum efficiency.

publix energy efficient freezer aisle lighting

Reducing consumption.

As part of our ongoing conservation efforts, we’ve committed to reducing energy output in all of our stores. We work to tackle energy expenditures from every angle, building new stores to be more energy efficient while simultaneously making changes to reduce energy consumption in existing stores. Energy audits and store recommissions help ensure that each store is in tune and operating as designed for maximum efficiency, while using the least amount of necessary power. Thanks to these efforts, we reduced electricity consumption in our retail operations by 25.7% between 2002 and 2023, saving enough energy to power 351,269 homes for one year.

All of our new stores come standard with LED lighting, and we are converting existing stores to this technology with less than 25% of our retail locations remaining.

Refrigerator lighting.

We saved 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually per store with the implementation of LED lighting and motion sensors on our refrigerated door cases, currently featured in 1,100 stores so far.

Freezer lighting.

We have replaced all of our walk-in freezer lighting with LEDs. This results in a 50-80% reduction in energy usage over traditional incandescent lights.

  • We’ve made our own hot water since the late 1970s by capturing waste heat generated from our refrigeration systems.
  • We have electric vehicle charging stations at 39 stores.