Fuel conservation.

publix fuel conservation semi truck

Publix is committed to conserving fuel and making our transportation practices as efficient as possible. We routinely examine every aspect of our distribution model, from how our trucks are loaded to the delivery routes our drivers take. Our efforts have improved the fuel economy of our transportation fleet by more than 10 percent since 2012 and saved more than 9 million gallons of fuel.

Every mile reduced and every gallon saved inspires us to work even harder at fuel conservation by:

  • Operating tractor trailers with engines that require fewer oil changes, thus saving labor hours, and reducing the amount of waste oil that we recycle.
  • Reconfiguring truck routes to reduce empty miles on the road. After making scheduled store deliveries, our drivers make almost 38,000 stops in one year to our suppliers on their way back to our warehouses. This represents almost 8% of all delivery trips to stores.
  • Maximizing our truck space to include more items for fewer trips.

We are excited about new innovations in transportation and look forward to evaluating how we may incorporate them into our fuel-saving processes.