sea turtle

February 2024

Help your environment.

We are proudly committed to helping protect, conserve, and restore the ecosystems in our footprint. Donations help support local efforts to protect and restore our most vulnerable natural resources. Let’s do good, together.

Florida evergaldes

October 2023

Water stewardship.

We are committed to helping protect, conserve, and restore major water resources in our footprint, including the Everglades. Our work with the National Audubon Society and National Park Foundation has helped restore millions of gallons of water per year.

Plastic bag recycling bins at Publix

October 2023

Recycling at Publix.

Recycling at Publix. Publix encourages customers to make the right choice and use reusable bags, but for those customers who choose plastic or paper, we provide recycling bins so they’re properly recycled. By inspiring customers to recycle these items, we …