GreenWise products.

Our GreenWise line consists of a wide range of products for those who pay extra attention to the food they eat and products they use. GreenWise products can be found in every department in all of our stores.

various publix greenwise market products

Made with strict requirements.

You can trust that an item with a GreenWise label will meet one or more of these strict requirements:

  • USDA organic.
  • Made with at least 70% organic ingredients.
  • Made without the specific preservatives, flavors, and colors listed at; products may contain colors from natural sources.
  • Raised without antibiotics or added hormones*; all GreenWise meats are fed a 100% vegetarian diet.
  • Nonfood products that make an environmental claim on the packaging.

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

Made without certain ingredients.

GreenWise products use only:

  • Added colors from natural sources.
  • Flours that are unbleached and unbromated.
  • Expeller-pressed oils or physically extracted oils.
  • Dairy products from animals that have not received rbST.

You won’t find aspartame, benzoates, or any of these other ingredients in our GreenWise foods and beverages or items with the Made Without icon on their shelf tags.

The Food and Drug Administration has determined that there is no significant difference between milk from rbST-treated cows and non-rbST-treated cows.

GreenWise meats.

  • GreenWise Angus beef: We validate the feeding, handling, and living conditions to ensure that strict standards of treatment are maintained for our GreenWise beef from birth. Completely natural, with no artificial additives or preservatives, this beef comes from cattle raised on a 100% vegetarian diet that never receives any antibiotics or added hormones.
  • GreenWise chicken: Our GreenWise chickens are never given antibiotics and are free from added hormones (federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry and pork). Plus, they’re fed a vegetarian diet and raised with care in clean flock houses with plenty of fresh air, space, and light.
  • GreenWise lamb: Our GreenWise lamb is raised without antibiotics or added hormones. It’s minimally processed with no added preservatives and raised on a vegetarian diet.
  • GreenWise pork: When you pick up our GreenWise pork, pork is all you’re getting. It contains no antibiotics, no added hormones (federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry and pork), and no preservatives. And as with the rest of our GreenWise meats, it’s raised on a vegetarian diet.

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Animal well-being.

We believe animals should be treated humanely and respectfully at all phases of their lives. To learn more about our position statements, visit the Publix FAQs section on our corporate site.